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Hello and welcome to Details for Weddings!

I’m Lisi Fernandez, a professional designer with a degree from the University of Design in Cuba. I bring over 15 years of dedicated experience in the field, complemented by a lifelong passion for writing.

About Details For Weddings

Everything started when my now-husband proposed to me seven years ago. I embarked on the journey of planning our wedding with little prior knowledge, and I quickly realized how overwhelming and exciting this process can be.

I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid for two dear friends and the maid of honor for my younger cousin. Along the way, friends sought my advice and tips for their weddings, even recommending me to others needing guidance.

After accumulating a wealth of experiences and insights, I decided to create a platform to collect and share this knowledge with anyone in need.

My goal is to ensure that the process of preparing for your wedding is as smooth as possible, offering you the highest quality information derived from firsthand experience in every aspect of a wedding.

Lisi Fernandez, CEO of Details for Weddings, joyfully dancing with her husband.
Me & My Husband ♥

Details For Weddings has become a trusted resource for couples planning their dream wedding, whether it’s a grand celebration or an intimate gathering.

On my blog, you’ll discover comprehensive insights for every step of the wedding journey, from the joyous engagement to the rhythm of the music at the final dance at the reception.

As a professional designer, I specialize in wedding stationery designs with a blend of creativity, energy, simplicity, and elegance. I also love creating unique decorations, gifts and favors to add that extra sparkle to your big day. Best part? Many of these designs come in customizable templates, making it easy to infuse your flair and make it yours.

I find genuine satisfaction in offering attractive and modern designs, all while contributing to cost savings in the expensive realm of weddings.

Keeping in Touch

Questions, thoughts, or ideas? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Connecting with readers is one of the aspects I cherish most about the wedding world, and I’ve ensured there are numerous ways for you to stay in touch.

  • Social Media. Follow my wedding posts and message me on Instagram, post on Facebook, and check out what I’m sharing on Pinterest.
  • Zazzle Store: Explore the latest wedding designs in my Zazzle store! Feel free to drop me a message or connect with me directly from there.
  • Email Me directly at

Choose the method that suits you best, I’d love to hear from you. For additional ways to get in touch, please visit my Contact page.