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The Best Catholic Wedding Songs For Every Part Of The Ceremony

The Best Catholic Wedding Songs For Every Part Of The Ceremony

In this post, you will find a list of The Best Catholic Wedding Songs For Every Part Of The Ceremony within Mass. These songs should reflect the ceremony’s sacredness and solemnity and support the wedding’s liturgical nature, helping to create an atmosphere of prayer and worship.

In a Catholic wedding, the music is not merely a performance but an integral part of the liturgy. You should select the songs carefully and with reverence, and they must be approved by the church’s priest, parish music director, or liturgy coordinator. For this reason, every church has its requirements for Catholic wedding songs. 

What Is The Difference Between A Catholic Wedding Within Mass And Without Mass?

While both types of Catholic weddings(within Mass or without Mass) involve the exchange of vows and the commitment to a lifelong union, a Catholic Wedding within Mass includes the additional element of the celebration of the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Songs for both ceremonies are the same.

Prelude Songs for a Catholic Wedding

You can select a piece of instrumental music, a vocal solo, or a choir while guests arrive and sit in the church. The chosen theme should be in keeping with the event to follow. It is not the time for performing a ‘favorite piece’ unsuitable in the ceremony.

Catholic Wedding Songs

Processional Catholic Wedding Songs

Processional Catholic wedding songs are played or sung during the wedding party’s entrance, including the bride, groom, bridal party, and sometimes the parents and officiant. These catholic wedding songs for the bride set the tone for the ceremony and add a special touch as she walks down the aisle.

Catholic processional songs have religious themes and melodies that evoke a sense of sacredness and celebration. Many of them were initially composed for royal or religious occasions. Wedding processions are accompanied by instrumental music (organ, brass, strings, etc.) or vocal music (solo or group).

The processional may also be a congregational hymn setting or may be followed by one:

Responsorial Psalm

After the first reading comes a brief period of reflective silence and then the singing of the responsorial psalm. The congregation sings the antiphon, with the cantor singing the verses.

catholic wedding songs for bride entrance

Gospel Acclamation Songs

This short verse or hymn must be sung or recited before reading the Gospel.

Offertory Songs

The presentation and preparation of the gifts may be accompanied by an instrumental, vocal selection, or a congregational hymn as the gifts of bread and wine are brought to the altar. This song should not prolong this (minor) part of the liturgy.

Catholic Wedding Songs For Communion

The communion music is played or sung during the distribution of Holy Communion. For the congregation, preferably a song with a repeated chorus, you can select a suitable vocal, an instrumental solo, or a choral piece.

Catholic Wedding Reflection Songs

These songs provide a moment for the couple and the congregation to reflect on the meaning and significance of the sacrament of marriage.

Recessional Catholic Wedding Songs

This is the music played as the bride and groom, followed by the wedding party and the priest or deacon, process out of the church. It is often an upbeat hymn or classical piece but can also be a contemporary song appropriate for a religious ceremony.


What songs can you use at a Catholic wedding?

The songs you choose for your catholic wedding must be “ritual music.” All ritual music is sacred, but not all sacred music is ritual music. Sacred music is generic and can be used in various settings, while ritual music, i.e., music chosen for the church’s rites, must form a necessary and integral part of the liturgy. Recorded music (i.e., tapes, CDs) should not be used within the liturgy.

How To Choose Catholic Wedding Mass Songs?

To determine the value of a given musical element in a catholic liturgical celebration, a threefold judgment must be made: musical, liturgical, and pastoral.

Musical: Is the music technically, aesthetically, and expressively good? This judgment is essential and primary and should be made by competent musicians. Only artistically good music will be effective in the long run.

Liturgical: The lyrics of songs chosen for the wedding liturgy should express the Christian concept of life rather than one that is purely secular.

Pastoral: In these concrete circumstances, judgment must be made in this particular situation. For example, does music in the celebration enable these people to express their faith in this place, age, and culture?

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