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31 Best Celebrate Songs For A Perfect Reception Party

31 Best Celebrate Songs For A Perfect Reception Party

Get ready to groove and celebrate in style with our carefully curated list of the best celebration songs that will turn your wedding reception party into an unforgettable dance extravaganza. From timeless classics to contemporary hits, this playlist is your ultimate guide to creating the perfect musical backdrop for a night of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

These songs, spanning various genres and musical styles, feature the word ‘celebrate’ or ‘celebration’ in their titles and lyrics. They’re the perfect soundtrack for sharing love and good times with your favorite people.

1. “Celebrate!” by Jonas Brothers

Album: The Album (2023)

“Celebrate!” by the Jonas Brothers is an upbeat tune that sets the perfect mood for a lively wedding dance floor. With its energetic melody and lyrics filled with joy and positivity, the song creates an atmosphere of pure celebration, getting everyone on their feet and dancing in no time.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Celebrate with me tonight/ Celebrate while we got time/ So lucky to have you in my life/ You better, you better, hit the right and hit the left now/ Turn around and slide (hey).

2. “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang

Album: Celebrate! (1980)
Genre: R&B/Soul

“Celebration” by Kool & the Gang is the perfect wedding dance floor song, setting a joyous mood and creating a lively atmosphere. With its infectious beat and catchy lyrics about celebrating life’s good times, this song creates an electrifying atmosphere that keeps everyone on their feet. This platinum-selling hit has proven itself to be a timeless favorite for all kinds of celebratory occasions.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Celebrate good times, come on/Come on, it’s a celebration.”

3. “Celebrate” by Empire Of The Sun

Album: Ice on the Dune (2013)
Genre: Electropop

“Celebrate” by Empire Of The Sun is among the most popular songs to celebrate newlyweds’ love and new life. Its upbeat rhythm creates an atmosphere of pure joy and exhilaration. The lyrics beautifully convey the celebration of profound and transformative love, illustrating the journey of forming a deep connection and navigating life together as a couple.

Lyrics you’ll love:We celebrate our love/ History begins with you and I/ I long to be right by your side/Watching how you feel/ Lives within your love.

4. “Celebrate” by Kid Rock

Album: Rebel Soul (2012)
Genre: Rock

“Celebrate” by Kid Rock is a rock song that sets an electrifying mood, making it a perfect choice for the wedding dance floor. This joyful and upbeat track is about savoring life’s simple pleasures, making it one of our favorite songs to celebrate and have fun with someone special.

Lyrics you’ll love: “I want to celebrate/ Rock, rock the whole night away/ Hey, we are going to celebrate yeah, yeah, yeah.”

5. “Celebrate” by Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks

Album: Sparkle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2012)
Genre: Soul R&B

“Celebrate” by Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks, from the movie Sparkle, is a fantastic R&B tune that creates an atmosphere of joy and unity. The lyrics carry a powerful message of celebrating life, triumphing over challenges, and uniting with loved ones, making it an excellent song to share with family and friends on your wedding day.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Now, It’s time to celebrate (Come on, yeah)/ Come on and celebrate (That’s what I want)/ I wanna celebrate (Cecause it’s all right)/ I celebrate you (I celebrate you, yeah).”

6. “Celebrate” by The Temptations

Album: Milestone (1991)
Genre: R&B

“Celebrate” by The Temptations creates a lovely and intimate vibe, making it ideal for a slow dance at your wedding or during an anniversary celebration. This timeless classic is among the best songs to celebrate enduring and fulfilling love.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Celebrate Ah-ah-ah-ah/ Celebrate the moment of our love/ Ooh, celebrate.”

7. “Tonight I Celebrate My Love” by Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack

Album: Born to Love (1983)
Genre: R&B/Soul

“Tonight I Celebrate My Love” is the biggest hit of Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack. It sets a romantic mood ideal for a slow and intimate wedding dance or to play during dinner. The lyrics express a deep and passionate celebration of love, conveying the desire to be close to the person you love.

Lyrics you’ll love: Tonight no one’s gonna find us/ We’ll leave the world behind us.

8. Celebrate by Pitbull

Album: Globalization (2014)
Genre: Dance Pop

“Celebrate” by Pitbull is an exuberant, high-energy song that creates an electrifying atmosphere, making it an ideal soundtrack for a fantastic wedding party. This song carries a message of celebration and embracing life to the fullest, solidifying its status as one of the most popular choices for a lively and upbeat dance.

Lyrics you’ll love: “I just wanna celebrate/ Tonight we’re making history/ I just wanna celebrate.

9. “Let’s Celebrate” by The Temptations

Album: Skyy Line (1980)
Genre: R&B, Dance/Electronic

“Let’s Celebrate” by The Temptations sets a joyous and festive mood, making it a unique and delightful addition to your reception party playlist, perfect for a lively group dance. The lyrics express the happiness of a loving relationship, emphasizing the importance of celebrating and savoring their special connection.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Let’s celebrate/ Loving each other, needing each other.”

10. “Celebration” by Fun Factory

Album: Fun-Tastic (1995)
Genre: Reggae, Dance/Electronic

“Celebration” by Fun Factory sets a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere that is excellent for a beach wedding. This song calls for everyone to come together, wave their hands in the air, and dance to the music, adding a lively and festive spirit to the wedding party.

Lyrics you’ll love: Let’s have a celebration by the sea/ And get together in peace in harmony/ A celebration come and have some fun/ Singing oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Celebrate Songs

11. Celebrate by Tim Halperin 

Album: Celebrate (2022)
Genre: Pop/Singer-Songwriter

“Celebrate” by Tim Halperin sets a lively and joyful mood on the wedding dance floor, creating an atmosphere filled with positivity and excitement. The lyrics capture the magic of love and a newfound perspective on life, making it one of the most contemporary and heartwarming songs to celebrate the joy of togetherness.

Lyrics you’ll love: “You make me wanna celebrate, celebrate, celebrate/ Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate/ Celebrate tonight.”

12. “Celebrate” by Bonnie Tyler

Album: Wings (2005)
Genre: Rock

“Celebrate” by Bonnie Tyler brings a high-energy and lively vibe, making it a wonderful pick to dance with family and friends. This rock song is about having a great time, inviting everyone to come together, dance, and sing, spreading good vibes, and creating an unforgettable celebration.

Lyrics you’ll love: “We got the power/ We can be one/ Let us celebrate, you know the party’s begun/ Yes I can feel you.”

13. “Celebrate” by Sammy Porter ft Karen Harding.

Album: Celebrate (2021)
Genre: Dance/Pop

“Celebrate” by Sammy Porter ft Karen Harding is one of the most popular celebration songs to have all your guests dancing and jumping joyfully. With lyrics that capture the essence of living in the present and treasuring special moments with loved ones, the song creates an atmosphere filled with boundless joy and togetherness, making it a must-have for any celebration.

Lyrics you’ll love:I wanna celebrate/ Celebrate it with you/ Like it’s the last night of our/ Last night of our/ I wanna celebrate (Oh).

14. “Celebrate” by Rebelution

Album: Free Rein (2018)
Genre: Reggae

“Celebrate” by Rebelution creates a chill and upbeat vibe, making it a great choice for background music during dinner or cocktails. The lyrics are about sticking together, staying strong, and showing love and kindness to overcome life’s challenges, reminding us to appreciate the people around us and maintain a positive perspective.

Lyrics you’ll love: “To all my friends and all my people in a struggle: stand ground/ And celebrate we will/ The here and now, time to focus, stand tall and stand proud/ And celebrate we will/ Keep it together, live stronger.

15. “Celebrate” by DJ Khaled ft. Travis Scott, Post Malone

Album: Father of Asahd (2019)
Genre: Trap Hip-Hop.

If you’re a fan of hip-hop music, “Celebrate” by DJ Khaled featuring Travis Scott and Post Malone is an exceptional track to set the dance floor on fire after dinner. It stands among the trendiest songs that celebrate the joy of life, cherishing the people who support you, and staying positive and partying.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Celebrate for the ones we lost, yeah (Yeah)/ Celebrate with the ones we got here (Yeah)”

16. “Celebrate” by MIKA ft. Pharrell Williams

Album: The Origin of Love (Deluxe) (2012)
Genre: Pop

“Celebrate” by MIKA and Pharrell Williams is an upbeat tune for celebrating with friends and family on the dance floor. With its genuine desire for togetherness and unity in celebration, this tune is a lovely addition to your wedding playlist.

Lyrics you’ll love:Right about now it’s time for everybody to stand up/ And have fun/ ‘Cause we just begun/ I want the whole world to celebrate (Let’s go).

17. Celebration by Madonna

Album: Celebration (2009)
Genre: Dance/Electronic, Pop,

“Celebration” by Madonna, a worldwide chart-topper, is a lively and catchy song ideal for a fun dance as newlyweds on the dance floor. Its playful lyrics and infectious beat create an inviting atmosphere, encouraging everyone to let loose and celebrate.

Lyrics you’ll love: “I’m gonna party (It’s a celebration)/ ‘Cause anybody just won’t do/ Let’s get this started (No more hesitation.

18. “Celebrate You” by JOE

Genre: R&B/Soul, Pop

“Celebrate You” by JOE sets the perfect mood for a lively entrance to your wedding reception or an energetic dance. This celebration song encourages letting loose, getting on the dance floor, and relishing life to the fullest, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and festivity.

Lyrics you’ll love:I wanna celebrate you/ Step into the spotlight/ This is your time to shine/ I wanna celebrate you/ Tonight is gon’ be crazy.

19. “Celebrate” by Uncle Kracker

Album: Happy Hour (2009)
Genre: Pop, Rock, Country

“Celebrate” by Uncle Kracker will set a fun and lively vibe at the wedding reception, spreading an infectious energy that gets everyone moving and enjoying themselves. The lyrics are about living the present, having a great time, and celebrating life, adding a spectacular, carefree, and joyous atmosphere.

Lyrics you’ll love: “I celebrate when I’m up/ I celebrate when I’m down/ Not a care in this world/ I’m celebratin’ right now.

20. “Celebrate” by Mitchel Musso

Album: Brainstorm (2010)
Genre: Dance-Pop

Celebrate” by Mitchel Musso is an upbeat song that’s perfect for a couple’s lively dance celebration, creating an air of joy and dance-all-night fun.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Let’s celebrate/ And throw our cares away/ Let’s celebrate.”

21. “Celebrate More” by 116 ft. Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Hulvey

Album: Summer Twenty (2020)
Genre: Rap/ Hip-Hop

“Celebrate More” by 116 is a lively song that exudes positivity and calls for a positive appreciation of life’s little blessings, including faith. It’s the perfect addition to your wedding party playlist, especially for rap and hip-hop fans, creating an energetic atmosphere of celebration and gratitude.

Lyrics you’ll love: We got to celebrate just like the year’s over (Ooh) / We gonna do it good, my dawg a year sober.

22. “Let It Grow (Celebrate The World) by Ester Dean

Album: Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Movie (2012)
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“Let It Grow (Celebrate The World)” by Ester Dean, from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Movie soundtrack, is a fantastic choice, especially if there are kids present who will recognize the song. Its lyrics promote celebrating life, embracing authenticity, and spreading love and positivity to the world.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Just believe, and you’re almost there/ Use your heart to show you care/ Come on and celebrate the world/ Celebrate the world/ Come on and celebrate the world yeah, eh, yeah, eh, yeah.

23. “Celebrate” by Popcaan ft. Black Sherif 

Album: Great Is He (Deluxe) (2023)
Genre: Reggae

“Celebrate” by Popcaan ft. Black Sherif sets a laid-back and reflective mood, perfect for those relaxed moments during your wedding dinner or cocktail hours. The song describes a celebration of life and thankfulness for blessings, even in the face of challenges. It reminds you to stay true to yourself and take pride in your achievements.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Tonight we celebrate, tonight we celebrating/ God gave me all that I’ve got, you know I cyaan deny that / So we celebrating, ah / Tonight we celebrate, tonight we celebrating.”

24. “Celebrate” by Three Dog Night

Album: Suitable for Framing (1969)
Genre: Rock

“Celebrate” by Three Dog Night sets the ideal mood for a lively reception party dance with its cheerful tempo and contagious beat. The song’s lyrics evoke the anticipation and excitement of preparing for a glamorous night, emphasizing the joy of celebrating and dancing to the music.

Lyrics you’ll love:You’ll stay at home, and you’ll be alone/ So why be lonely?/ Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music/ Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music.

25. Celebrate Together Now by LONIS ft. Daphne Willis 

Album: Celebrate Together Now (2020)
Genre: Pop

“Celebrate Together Now” is a song that exudes an awesome upbeat vibe, making it the perfect choice for hitting the dance floor after dinner. The lyrics are about unity, joy, and getting ready for a fantastic time together. It is a great song to start the party and keep it going all night.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Come on everybody now/ We’re gonna celebrate/ Everybody gather round/ We ‘bout to elevate/ Getting up and getting down/ We’re gonna celebrate.”

26. “Celebrate” by James Durbin

Album: Celebrate (2014)
Genre: Pop, Rock

“Celebrate” by James Durbin creates a sweet and romantic vibe, perfect for a dance that celebrates your love as newlyweds. The lyrics beautifully express how much love means, highlighting the joy found in a meaningful relationship and adding a heartfelt touch to your special moment.

Lyrics you’ll love: “I wanna celebrate, celebrate my life with you/ Celebrate, Ooh baby/ I just gotta celebrate, climb a little higher with you.”

27. Celebrate by Anderson Paak

Album: Malibu (2016)
Genre: R&B/Soul,

“Celebrate” by Anderson Paak sets a peaceful and reflective tone, making it an excellent addition to your wedding dinner songs. This piece serves as a poignant reminder to cherish everyday moments in life.

Lyrics you’ll love: “I was under the impression that we all want the best of life/ So let’s celebrate while we still can.”

28. I Just Want To Celebrate by Rare Earth

Album: One World (1971)
Genre: R&B/Soul, Rock

“I Just Want To Celebrate” by Rare Earth is a vibrant and spirited song that will infuse your reception party with an infectious energy. Its timeless message about the celebration of life makes it a perfect addition to your wedding playlist, ensuring your special day is filled with joy and enthusiasm.

Lyrics you’ll love: “That’s why I’m telling you/I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah.”

29. “Celebrate The King” by Ricky Dillard & New G

Album: Amazing (2014)
Genre: R&B/Soul/Gospel

“Celebrate The King” by Ricky Dillard & New G is a spiritual celebration song that praises the King’s worthiness and glorious nature. If you share a strong faith and want to incorporate spiritual elements into your wedding, this song will bring an unbelievable sense of reverence and celebration to your special day.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Let’s Celebrate Our King, He’s the ruler of everything/ Let’s lift his name on high, Come on Zion we praise our King.

30. Celebrate by Ingrid Michaelson ft. AJR

Album: Alter Egos – EP (2017)
Date Released: Pop

“Celebrate” by Ingrid Michaelson and AJR sets a lively and relaxed air, perfect for letting loose and having fun with friends and family. It’s also one of the trendiest “celebrate songs” that’ll get everyone in the groove and help you create unforgettable memories.

Lyrics you’ll love: “So, so, celebrate/Everybody celebrates/ Celebrate/ Oh, Everybody, Everybody celebrates.”

31. “Celebrate (He Lives)” by Fred Hammond

Album: Somethin’ ’Bout Love (2004)
Genre: Gospel

“Celebrate (He Lives)” by Fred Hammond is a gospel song that beautifully conveys a powerful and joyous celebration of faith in Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It emphasizes the profound impact of belief and the boundless joy it brings to those who have faith in Him, adding a spiritually meaningful dimension to your wedding celebration.

Lyrics you’ll love:It’s time to celebrate the savior and his worth/ Let’s shout because we know he lives and we are served.

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