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Top 13 John Mayer Love Songs To Add Pure Love To Your Wedding

Top 13 John Mayer Love Songs To Add Pure Love To Your Wedding

John Mayer’s songs about love will infuse your wedding with pure passion and emotion. His unique voice and exceptional guitar skills have captivated audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on contemporary music.

He has garnered widespread recognition for his talent, notably winning his first GRAMMY in 2002 for “Your Body is a Wonderland” as Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and his first General Field award in 2004 for “Daughters” as Song Of The Year.

Get ready for a musical journey about love as we feature our favorite John Mayer tunes to make your wedding day unforgettable.

1. “Love Is A Verb”

Album: Born and Raised
Date Released: 2012

‘Love Is A Verb’ reminds us that love isn’t just a feeling; it’s an action that requires effort and commitment. Its soulful lyrics and melody make it one of our favorite love songs by John Mayer for a really touching wedding first dance. Some couples also play it during the wedding ceremony before saying ‘I Do,’ emphasizing the importance of love in action as they embark on their journey together.

Lyrics you’ll love:

Love is a verb
It ain’t a thing
It’s not something you own
It’s not something you scream

When you show me love
I don’t need your words
Yeah, love ain’t a thing
Love is a verb
Love ain’t a thing

2. “Who You Love” ft. Katy Perry

Album: Paradise Valley
Date Released: 2013

‘Who You Love,’ a captivating collaboration between John Mayer and Katy Perry, is a heartfelt ode to the power of love. With their combined talent, the song beautifully conveys the deep feelings between two people, making it an exceptional option for your wedding’s first dance. This is among the most popular and cherished John Mayer songs about love that really touches your soul.

Lyrics you’ll love:

Oh, you can’t make yourself stop dreaming
Who you’re dreaming of
If it’s who you love
Then it’s who you love

Oh, you love, who you love
Who you love

3. “XO”

Album: Sing Me To Sleep
Date Released: 2015

‘John Mayer’s rendition of ‘XO,’ originally by Beyoncé, is a touching song that reminds us to love and appreciate every minute we have with those who mean the most to us.
It would make a fantastic addition to your wedding music, whether played during dinner or cocktail hours, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere or as the backdrop for a romantic slow dance, allowing you and your guests to celebrate love and togetherness.

Lyrics you’ll love:

I love you like XO
You kill me, girl, XO
You love me like XO
All that I see
Give you everything
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, love me lights out
You can turn my lights out

In the darkest night
I’ll search through the crowd,
Your face is all that I see
I’ll give you everything
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, love me lights out
You can turn my lights out

4. “Waitin’ On The Day”

Paradise Valley
Date Released: 2013

‘Waitin’ On The Day’ by John Mayer is one of his romantic love songs, making it a perfect choice for a unique and sentimental wedding first dance. This song is an acoustic version that beautifully captures the joy and anticipation of finally finding the person you have been waiting for and celebrating a new future together.

John Mayer – Waitin’ On The Day (original version)

Lyrics you’ll love:

When my life on the run
Reaches out in the sun
And shows my age

I’m waiting on a day
When that voice comes to sing
It’s not wrong what you did
For just a kiss

When you’ll be there for me, baby
When you’ll love me all the way
When you take my side in every little firefight
When you hang your things and stay
I’m waiting on a day

5. “A Face To Call Home”

Album: Born and Raised
Date Released: 2012

‘A Face To Call Home’ by John Mayer is one of his most charming songs that captures the feeling of finding your perfect match and feeling at home with the one you love. It’s a favorite for wedding first dances, symbolizing the joy of building a happy life together.

Lyrics you’ll love:

Little by little, inch by inch
We built a yard
With a garden in the middle of it
It ain’t much, but it’s a start
You got me swaying right along
To the song in your heart
And a face to call home
A face to call home
You got a face to call home

A face to call home
A face to call home
You got a face to call home

6. “Only Heart”

Album: Heavier Things
Date Released: 2003

Include ‘Only Heart’ by John Mayer in your wedding playlist for a fun and energetic vibe. It beautifully embodies that feeling of being madly in love, where someone has truly stolen your heart.
The incredible drum intro with the spirited guitar solo and Mayer’s unique vocals infuse the song with infectious energy, the perfect choice for an animated entrance to your wedding reception or to kick off an unforgettable dance floor celebration. It’s one of our favorite John Mayer songs that will add pure love to your big day!

Lyrics you’ll love:

You got my only heart
Yea, you got my only heart
Yea, you got my only
Only heart

And you live like your hand’s on the horn, baby
I adore you, but there’s a hole in the cup that should hold my love
Hold my love
If you let, if you let, if you let me leave
I swear, I never will
Remember, now you

You got my only heart
Yea, you got my only heart

7. “New Light”

Album: Sob Rock
Date Released: 2021

‘New Light’ by John Mayer is one of his best love songs and a fantastic addition to your wedding music. You can play it after dinner or cocktail hours to encourage your guests to hit the dance floor and enjoy the moment’s joy.
The song’s lyrics can be interpreted as comparing the wedding day to that ‘one night’ mentioned in the music and the desire to see that ‘new light’ on the journey ahead, adding a touch of humor as you celebrate your new beginning.

Lyrics you’ll love:

I’m the boy in your other phone
Lighting up inside your drawer at home all alone
Pushing 40 in the friend zone
We talk, and then you walk away every day

Oh, you don’t think twice about me
And maybe you’re right to doubt me, but
But if you give me just one night
You’re gonna see me in a new light
Yeah, if you give me just one night
To meet you underneath the moonlight

Oh, I want to take two
I wanna breakthrough
I wanna know the real thing about you
So I can see you in a new light

8. “Your Body is a Wonderland”

Album: Room For Squares
Date Released: 2001

‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ by John Mayer stands as one of his most iconic love songs, cherished for its smooth and mellow acoustic sound and renowned for its romantic and sensual lyrics that artfully liken a lover’s body to an enchanting wonderland.
Given the song’s suggestive elements in its lyrics, it’s wise to be mindful of your guests’ comfort levels. If you believe your guests will appreciate its sensual undertones without offense, this song is perfect for a late-night dance, infusing an extra layer of passion into the atmosphere.

Lyrics you’ll love:

One mile to every inch of
Your skin is like porcelain
One pair of candy lips and
Your bubblegum tongue

And if you want to love
We’ll make it
Swim in a deep sea
Of blankets
Take all your big plans
And break ’em
This is bound to be a while
Your body is a wonderland

9. “Love On The Weekend”

Album: The Search For Everything
Date Released: 2017

‘Love On The Weekend’ by John Mayer is a love song that resonates with many couples because it beautifully captures the early stages of a relationship. Consider including it in your wedding playlist during dinner or cocktail hours to set a relaxed and romantic tone, or save it as your wedding exit song to leave your celebration on a heartfelt and memorable note.

Lyrics you’ll love:

It’s a Friday, we finally made it
I can’t believe I get to see your face
You’ve been workin’, and I’ve been waitin’
To pick you up and take you from this place
Love on the weekend
Love on the weekend

You be the DJ, I’ll be the driver
You put your feet up in the getaway car
I’m flyin’ fast like a wanted man
I want you, baby like you can’t understand

10. “Carry Me Away”

Album: Sob Rock
Date Released: 2021

“Carry Me Away” by John Mayer is another beautiful love song perfect for celebrating the couple’s journey together and their excitement for the adventures ahead in their married life. It’s a great addition to a wedding playlist for couples looking to add some fun to their celebration.

Lyrics you’ll love:

You carnivore, you loose cannon
Can I have some more? I can’t understand it
You fast car, you foolish spender,
You know you are, and I surrender
So come on over and wake me up
Put some of your tequila in my coffee cup
You know I need you, and that’s for sure
You’re just the kinda crazy I’ve been lookin’ for
Carry me away

11. “Daughters”

Album: Heavier Things
Date Released: 2003

‘Daughters’ is a song by John Mayer that reflects on the impact of a father’s relationship with his daughter. It highlights the importance of his role in shaping his daughter’s life and emphasizes the need for love and support.
This touching John Mayer tune is a popular choice for a father-daughter wedding dance, evoking sweet emotions and celebrating the bonds between them.

Lyrics you’ll love:

Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too…

Oh, you see that skin?
It’s the same she’s been standing in
Since the day she saw him walking away
Now she’s left cleaning up the mess he made

12. “Wildfire”

Album: Paradise Valley
Date Released: 2013

‘Wildfire’ by John Mayer is a song that beautifully captures the essence of passionate love, drawing a vivid comparison to a powerful, uncontrollable wildfire in the lyrics. Additionally, the piece explores the theme of taking risks for love, making it a perfect selection for couples who want to celebrate their intense and adventurous love story during their outdoor summer wedding dance.

Lyrics you’ll love:

You look fine, fine, fine
Put your feet up next to mine
We can watch that water line
Get higher and higher
Say, say, say
Ain’t it been some kind of day
You and me been catching on
Like a wildfire

Don’t get up just to get another
You can drink from mine
We can’t leave each other
But we can dance with the dead
You can rest your head on my shoulder
If you want to get older with me
‘Cause a little bit of summer makes a lot of history

13. “Last Train Home”

Album: Sob Rock
Date Released: 2021

‘Last Train Home’ by John Mayer is one of our finalist songs for a wedding exit. The song talks about longing for a deep connection, making it the perfect message to close the night as you and your partner begin your journey together, celebrating your love.

Lyrics you’ll love:

If you wanna know me
Then you gotta know me through and through
And if you’re gonna hurt me
Then you gotta hold me next to you

No matter how you work it, things go wrong
I put my heart where it doesn’t belong
So if you’re comin’ with me, let me know
Maybe you’re the last train
Maybe you’re the last train home

I’m on the last train runnin’
I’m on the last train runnin’
And I surrender

John Mayer’s Highest Charting Songs

John Mayer’s exceptional chart success on the Billboard Adult Alternative Airplay, boasting 8 No. 1 hits and a total of 19 Top 10 hits, is a testament to his remarkable combination of exceptional guitar skills, songwriting prowess, and interpretive talent, solidifying his status as one of the most beloved singers in the industry.

Here’s a breakdown of John Mayer’s biggest hit, organized by peak position and weeks on the chart:

  1. #1 “No Such Thing”, 2001 (1 WK)
  2. #1 “Your Body Is a Wonderland”, 2002 (2 WK)
  3. #1 “Waiting on the World to Change,” 2006 (6 WK)
  4. #1 “Wild Blue”, 2021 (1 WK)
  5. #1 “Clarity”, 2004 (1 WK)
  6. #1 “Who Says”, 2009 (5 WK)
  7. #1 “Bigger Than My Body”, 2003 (1 WK)
  8. #1 “Last Train Home”, 2021 (2 WK)
  9. #2 “Why Georgia”, 2003
  10. #2 “Half of My Heart” 2010
  11. #2 “Queen of California”, 2012
  12. #2 “Shadow Days”, 2012
  13. #3 “Heartbreak Warfare”, 2009
  14. #3 “Love on the Weekend”, 2016
  15. #6 “Daughters”, 2004
  16. #9 “Belief”, 2006
  17. #9 “New Light”, 2018
  18. #10 “Stitched Up” ft. Herbie Hancock, 2005
  19. #10 “Paper Doll”, 2013

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