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25 Best Michael Bublé Wedding Songs (First Dance)

25 Best Michael Bublé Wedding Songs (First Dance)

There are so many choices when talking about Michael Bublé Wedding Songs! With a repertoire that exudes passion and tenderness, he is a go-to for couples seeking the perfect soundtrack for their first dance.

As our modern Frank Sinatra, he continues the crooner tradition through his ability to captivate audiences with his soothing voice and elegant performances. Enjoy our list of Best Michael Bublé Wedding Songs, and let the music set the stage for a magical celebration.

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Michael Bublé Wedding Songs To Walk Down The Aisle

These Michael Bublé wedding songs have a harmonious balance between the captivating tempo and the essence of romance, and are our favorite songs, To Walk Down The Aisle.

1. When I Fall in Love (Album Love 2018)

This is definitely one of the most classic and romantics Michael Bublé Wedding Songs to create a memorable atmosphere. The emotional lyrics evoke a sense of pure and enchanting romance, perfect for enhancing the moment as the bride walks down the aisle to.

Lyrics you will love: And the moment I can feel that / You feel that way too / Is when I fall in love with you.

2. La Vie En Rose (Album BaBalu, 2001)

This is another wonderful Wedding Processional Song. Its romantic melodies and timeless lyrics evoke a sense of enchantment and add a touch of classic sophistication to the moment, making it a beautiful complement to the bride’s grand entrance on her wedding day.

Lyrics you will love: And when you speak, angels sing from above / Everyday words seem to turn into love songs / Give your heart and soul to me / And life will always be / La Vie En Rose.

3. Can’t Help Falling in Love (Album BaBalu, 2001)

The song’s delicate melody and romantic message of falling deeply in love will create a beautiful and emotional ambiance, perfect for a bride’s grand entrance.

Lyrics you will love: Like a river flows, surely to the sea / Darling, so it goes / Some things are meant to be / Take my hand / Take my whole life too.

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Reception Entrance With Michael Bublé Wedding Songs

Ignite the energy and excitement of your wedding reception entrance with these upbeat songs. Its infectious rhythms and lively melodies will set the stage for a celebration filled with joy, dancing, and unforgettable moments.

4. Feeling Good (Album It’s Time, 2005)

This song is such an excellent choice for a Wedding Reception Entrance! Its upbeat and energetic nature, with the empowering lyrics, will create an atmosphere of excitement and celebration as the newlyweds make their grand entrance.

Lyrics you will love: It’s a new dawn / It’s a new day / It’s a new life / For me / And I’m feeling good / I feel so good.

5. It’s a Beautiful Day (Album To Be Loved, 2013)

The catchy melody of this song will create a feel-good atmosphere, getting everyone in the mood to dance, celebrate, and enjoy the festivities. This song ranks among the most famous and beloved Michael Bublé wedding songs.

Lyrics you will love: Hey hey hey / It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t stop myself from smiling / If we’re drinking, then I’m buying / And I know there’s no denying / It’s a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music’s playing.

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First Dance Michael Bublé Wedding Songs

Whether you’re yearning for a heartfelt slow dance or seeking a lively number to start the party, check out these spectacular ideas.

6. Everything (Album Call Me Irresponsible, 2007)

This is one of the most beautiful Michael Bublé Love Songs For Weddings that became a major hit and reached the top 10 in multiple countries. Its romantic lyrics convey a powerful message of love, happiness, and completeness found in a lifelong partnership. A beautiful choice for your wedding’s first dance.

Lyrics you will love: And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times / It’s you, it’s you, you make me sing / You’re every line, you’re every word, you’re everything.

7. Crazy Love (Album Crazy Love, 2009)

This song is a celebration of the beautiful madness that is love. Its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics make it one of the most romantic Michael Bublé wedding songs.

Lyrics you will love: Crazy love, she gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love, mm / Yes I need her in the daytime / Oh, but I need her in the night / Yes I want to throw my arms around her.

8. Nobody but Me (Album Nobody but Me, 2016)

This song has a lively and upbeat rhythm, perfect for a joyful and energetic wedding first dance. This is undoubtedly among the most enchanting and charismatic Michael Bublé wedding songs.

Lyrics you will love: Hey, we make beautiful music together, how you make my heart sing / Move into the side with us and never be apart thing / Work of art thing, the way you pull me like a harp string / Every moment spent is worth it, that’s the perfect part.

9. The Very Thought of You (Album Nobody but Me, 2016)

This romantic and heartfelt song will create a truly intimate and memorable moment that is perfect for your wedding first dance. The music conveys that simply thinking about the person brings immense joy and happiness.

Lyrics you will love: The very thought of you and I forget to do / The little ordinary things that everyone ought to do / I’m living in a kind of daydream / I’m happy as a king.

10. For Once in My Life (Album Michael Bublé, 2003)

This Michael Bublé song is a lively and energetic choice to get everyone on the dance floor, setting a positive tone for the rest of the evening. The lyrics express a sense of newfound happiness and gratitude for having found true love.

Lyrics you will love: For once I can touch what my heart used to dream of / Long before I knew someone warm like you, / Could make my dreams come true.

11. I Only Have Eyes for You (Album Love, 2018)

This song will make your wedding first dance a beautiful moment of intimacy and connection between you and your partner. With each step on the dance floor, the music carries the promise that in each other’s gaze, you see a universe of love and commitment.

Lyrics you will love: I only have eyes for you / Are the stars out tonight? / Could be cloudy or bright there / Eyes so blue, kisses true / I never knew.

12. Sway (Album Michael Bublé, 2003)

This song sets the rhythm for an enchanting wedding first dance. The song’s catchy melody and captivating lyrics will create an atmosphere of romance and allure.

Lyrics you will love: Other dancers may be on the floor / Dear, but my eyes will see only you / Only you have that magic technique / When we sway, I go weak.

13. You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Album To Be Love, 2013)

The song’s catchy rhythm and playful melody make it a more relaxed and fun choice for a wedding first dance. It carries a message of unwavering support, loyalty, and companionship.

Lyrics you will love: And as the years go by, our friendship will never die / You’re gonna see, it’s our destiny / ‘Cause you’ve got a friend in me / My baby you’ve got a friend in me.

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Mother-Son And Father-Daughter Dance Michael Bublé Songs

14. Forever Now (Album Love, 2018)

Bublé sings about the journey of parenthood, witnessing his child’s growth from infancy to adulthood in what feels like the blink of an eye. This song is perfect for the mother-son dance or the father-daughter dance.

Lyrics you will love: And I’m always gonna lift you up / And I’m never gonna let you down / Time flies by / I hope you realize that I / Love you forever now.

15. How Sweet It Is (Album It’s Time, 2005)

The lyrics capture the sheer happiness and gratitude of being loved by someone, also a perfect choice for a Mother-Son or a Father-Daughter Dance. The upbeat and energetic nature of the song will add a lively and fun element to the dance.

Lyrics you will love: Needed the shelter of someone’s arms / And there you were
Needed someone to understand my ups and downs / And there you were / With sweet love and devotion.

16. Close Your Eyes (Album To Be Loved, 2013)

This is another beautiful choice for a Mother-Son or a Father-Daughter Dance at a wedding. The gentle and heartfelt melody and the tender lyrics will create a memorable moment during the parent’s dance.

Lyrics you will love: You’re an angel dressed in armor / You’re the fair in every fight / You’re my life and my safe harbor / Where the sun sets every night / And if my love is blind / I don’t want to see the light.

17. Daddy’s Little Girl (Album Dream, 2002)

This song is a touching tribute to the unique relationship between a father and his daughter on her wedding day.

Lyrics you will love: You’re the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold, / You’re daddy’s little girl to have and to hold. / A precious gem is what you are / You’re mom-my’s bright and shi-ning star.

18. Mother (Album Higher, 2022)

This heartwarming song is such a lovely tribute to a mother’s love! It will create a sentimental and unique moment.

Lyrics you will love: A different kind of hero / With a different kind of strength / Another word for saviour / And another word for saint / Mother, a fighter and a lover / Always there by my side no matter what I am going through.

19. You And I (Album It’s Time, 2005)

The lyrics of this song express love, unity, and the bond between two people, a beautiful way to honor a mother’s enduring love.

Lyrics you will love: I am glad at least in my life I found someone / That may not be here forever to see me through / But I found my strength in you / ‘Cause in my mind, you will stay here always / In love, you and I, you and I, you and I, you and I.

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Michael Bublé Songs For Wedding Dinner Music

20. What A Wonderful World (Album BaBalu, 2001)

The lyrics of this song celebrate the beauty of life and the world around us, reflecting the joy and gratitude felt on such a special occasion. Its gentle melody and heartfelt message will create a warm and nostalgic atmosphere during your wedding dinner.

Lyrics you will love: I see friends shakin’ hands, sayin’ “How do you do?” / They’re really saying “I love you” / I see trees of green, red roses too / I see them bloom for me and you / And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

21. Something Stupid ft. Reese Witherspoon (Album To Be Loved, 2013)

The duet version is one of the most charming and romantic Michael Bublé wedding songs. It will add a touch of elegance to the dinner setting, creating a pleasant atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meal and engage in conversation.

Lyrics you will love: Then afterward we drop into a quiet little place / And have a drink or two / And then I go and spoil it all / by saying something stupid like, I love you.

22. That’s All (Album With Love, 2006)

This beautiful song will add a touch of elegance and charm. Also, it will create a pleasant and laid-back atmosphere, enhancing the dining experience with an air of elegance and relaxation.

Lyrics you will love: I can only give you love that lasts forever / And a promise to be near each time you call / And the only heart I own / For you and you alone / That’s all.

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Michael Bublé Songs To Dance At Your Wedding Reception

23. Save The Last Dance For Me (Album It’s Time, 2005)

The lyrics evoke a sense of romance, reminding newlyweds to treasure their love and honor each other by reserving that last dance as a symbol of their unwavering devotion and commitment.

Lyrics you will love: And don’t forget who’s taking you home / and in whose arms you’re gonna be / So, darling, save the last dance for me.

24. After All ft. Bryan Adams (Album To Be Loved, 2013)

The combination of Bryan Adams’ distinctive voice and the lively rhythm of the song creates an infectious and joyful atmosphere, encouraging everyone to hit the dance floor and celebrate the occasion.

Lyrics you will love: After all, I’m excited that you’re in my life again / After all I’m delighted / To be back when we begin / I believe that you can fall in love with me again / ‘Cuz I love you. I’ll catch you when you fall.

25. When You’re Smiling (Album BaBalu, 2001)

This is one of the best Michael Bublé wedding songs for a memorable and fun-filled wedding celebration. The lyrics encourage a positive and cheerful outlook on life, emphasizing the power of a smile to brighten the world.

Lyrics you will love: When you’re smilin’ (when you’re smilin’) / When you’re smilin’ (keep on smilin’) / The whole world, it smiles with you / When you’re laughin’ (keep on smilin’ now) / When you’re laughin’ (you’ll get through somehow) / The sun comes shinin’ through (when I’m with you).

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