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45 Amazing Songs For Limbo Dance

45 Amazing Songs For Limbo Dance

Get ready to Limbo and groove with these songs that will have your guests bending and swaying under the bar in no time! We had an absolute blast dancing to them at one of my best friend’s weddings—it’s all about passing forward under a low bar without touching it or the ground. And let me tell you, the limbo dance requires a lot of elasticity, technique, and practice to master!

Originating from funeral traditions in Trinidad during the 19th century, the limbo dance took on a new life in the 1950s when dance pioneer Julia Edwards and her company popularized it, transforming it into the happy, colorful dance we know today, spreading worldwide.

In this post, you’ll discover a mix of timeless classics and modern hits that will keep the dance floor vibrant! From cherished tunes that have stood the test of time to contemporary favorites, get ready to groove and sway as guests attempt to go under the Limbo stick nonstop!

What Are The Rules For Limbo?

In Limbo, dancers must follow rules to bend backward to pass under a bar, keeping their backs facing toward the floor. They must not touch the bar or the ground with any part of their body other than their feet and cannot turn their heads or necks to the side. The Limbo dance continues with the bar being lowered after each successful pass, and the last person remaining who can pass under the bar wins.

You can buy a Limbo bar or easily make one using a long, sturdy dowel rod or PVC pipe and decorate it with colorful ribbons, flowers, or other decorative elements to match your wedding theme.

Classic Songs For Limbo

These iconic songs have been keeping the limbo spirit alive for years. From traditional favorites to popular hits, they will fill your wedding celebration with joy and get everyone on the dance floor in no time!

People joyfully limbo dancing to upbeat songs.

Modern Songs For Limbo

Get ready to take your wedding party to the next level with these modern songs perfectly suited for limbo dancing! From infectious beats to catchy rhythms, these contemporary tunes are guaranteed to keep your guests grooving under the limbo stick all night long.

Get low and feel the rhythm with our Spotify playlist packed with the ultimate limbo tracks!

More Songs to Keep You Dancing!