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17 Book Wedding Centerpieces That Honor the Beauty of Reading 

17 Book Wedding Centerpieces That Honor the Beauty of Reading 

Are you a book lover looking to infuse your wedding day with literary charm? Look no further! We’ve handpicked 17 charming book wedding centerpieces that pay homage to the beauty of reading.

These carefully crafted pieces are more than decorations; they are works of art designed to allure the hearts of bookworms and ignite the imagination of all who appreciate the written word.

Whether you seek elegance, nostalgia, or whimsical touch, get ready to embark on a journey where love and literature intertwine.

1. Unbound Books For Rustic Wedding Decor

Book wedding centerpieces
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These enchanting rustic books, with their weathered covers and timeless stories, will add a touch of whimsy to your special day. This idea is a centerpiece brimming with literary charm, symbolizing the enduring power of love in the pages of life’s most incredible adventures.

2. Personalized Book Wedding Centerpieces

Book wedding centerpieces
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Elevate your wedding centerpiece with the exquisite beauty of these hand-painted wrapped books. These one-of-a-kind centerpieces blend artistry and romance, infusing your wedding decor with personalized charm. The handcrafted details make them a delightful focal point and a unique piece of art.

3. Olive And Beige Rustic Book Centerpiece

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These precious bundles are perfect for a vintage, farmhouse, or primitive look. With their rustic appeal and timeless allure, this idea is among the most unique book wedding centerpieces to warm your wedding decor, embodying the love and history that brought you together.

4. Book Theme Table Number Centerpiece

Book wedding centerpieces
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This table number card featuring a vintage chapter design will transform your wedding centerpiece into a literary masterpiece. These unique table numbers exude charm and sophistication, effortlessly blending the beauty of books and love. They will be a delightful addition to your centerpiece and a perfect way to guide your guests through a memorable journey of love. You can combine them with vintage books, flowers, and candles.

5. Navy Blue Book Stack Wedding Centerpiece

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This is one of the most refined book wedding centerpieces with a navy, gray, ivory, and white color bundle. This lovely stack of books can be displayed as a statement centerpiece or placed in different positions for a charming arrangement. The addition of delicate flowers atop the books adds a sweet detail, infusing your decor with natural beauty.

6. Open Book Weddings Centerpieces

This stunning folded book idea will add a touch of whimsy and grace to your wedding decor that will captivate your guests. Each art piece is meticulously crafted to brighten your wedding, serving as a unique and eye-catching centerpiece that celebrates the beauty of literature in a truly artistic way.

7. 18th Century French Leather Books

Book wedding centerpieces
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Wedding centerpieces with an 18th-century France book are a luxury alternative that will transport your decoration into an extraordinary era. These enchanting books hold a rich history of nearly 300 years. As centerpiece decorations, they evoke a sense of timeless beauty and elegance, creating a captivating ambiance that celebrates the enduring power of love and literature.

8. Quotes Wedding Table Numbers

Book wedding centerpieces
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Transform your wedding reception into a captivating love story. These table numbers can be personalized with quotes from your favorite love stories, movies, and poems throughout the ages. The unique design adds a magic touch by referring to each table as a “Chapter.”

With each number representing a new chapter in your love story, these personalized centerpieces will invite your guests to join your romantic journey. No doubt one of the most outstanding book wedding centerpieces.

9. Book Table Number Centerpieces

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This is an actual book, carefully crafted and designed to become a stunning wedding centerpiece. Its minimalist and elegant design will add glamour and romance to your wedding decoration, capturing the essence of your tale and making it a cherished keepsake for years.

10. Library Card Wedding Centerpiece

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Another fantastic idea as book wedding centerpieces to add a touch of sophistication and originality to your wedding tables.

11. Flower And Vase From Book Pages Centerpiece

Book wedding centerpieces
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This unique creation repurposes old books into stunning works of art, merging the worlds of literature and floral beauty. Each vase symbolizes transformation and creativity, celebrating the power of books to inspire and captivate.

12. Antique French Book Dusty Rose Centerpiece

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Infuse your wedding centerpiece with the timeless allure of antique French books in dusty rose dating back to the 19th century. These vintage treasures, carefully selected for their delicate charm, bring a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your decor. Combine them with pearls and pink roses to create an enchanting atmosphere that captures the romance and sophistication of a bygone era.

13. Book Wedding Centerpieces

Book wedding centerpieces
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These numbers are truly impressive book wedding centerpieces. Each book, filled with text-filled pages, becomes an upcycled work of art, shedding its label as “Grandma’s Junk.” Meticulously hand-cut, sanded, and cleaned, these centerpieces bring originality and craftsmanship to your wedding decor, celebrating the beauty of repurposing and giving old objects a new magical life.

14. Book Flowers Wedding Centerpieces

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Enhance your wedding centerpiece with the beauty of book paper flowers. These delicate blooms, crafted from the pages of books, add a unique and artistic touch to your decor. Whether combined with silk or fresh flowers, these book paper flowers create a captivating fusion of literary charm and natural elegance, immersing your guests in a truly enchanting atmosphere.

You can check out this tutorial on how to make book flowers.

15. Elegant Red Book Wedding Centerpieces

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This elegant, charming book centerpiece will boost your fairytale or vintage wedding scenery, adding a stunning focal point. The rich red tones exude sophistication and romance.

16. Book Ceramic Vase Centerpiece

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Upgrade your wedding centerpiece with this ceramic vase shaped like a closed book. The quote at the back, “With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” adds a touch of whimsy and joy to your decor. As you gather around this enchanting flower vase, it serves as a reminder of the simple pleasures in life and the happiness found in literature, nature, and love.

17. Rustic Book Wedding Centerpiece

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The set, painted with a white chalk finish, exudes a rustic and adorable ambiance that complements bohemian and vintage-inspired wedding themes, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your special day.

More Creative Ways To Use Books As Wedding Décor

If you are wondering how to use books as wedding decor, here are some creative ways to incorporate books into your wedding décor:

Books For The Ring Bearer

  • Instead of a traditional ring pillow, have your ring bearer carry a small stack of beautifully wrapped or decorated books. It can be a lovely nod to literature and create a whimsical touch.

Book Towers

  • Stack books of various sizes and genres to form elegant buildings. You can top them with flowers, candles, or other decorative elements that complement your wedding theme.

Book Jacket Place Cards

  • Create custom book jacket-style place cards featuring the covers of your favorite books. This adds a literary touch and can spark conversations among guests who share a love for reading.

Books As Favors

  • Select titles significant for you as a couple or books from different genres to cater to other interests. Attach a personalized bookmark or a small note explaining why you chose each book.

Spiral Book Archway

  • Create an archway made out of donated hardback books. Stack the books in a spiral formation, securing them with a clear fishing line or wire. This unique book archway can be a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony or reception.

Book Table Numbers

  • Instead of traditional table numbers, use vintage or themed books as markers. Attach a small card or tag to each book with the corresponding table number. It will add a literary element to your reception décor while helping guests find their seats.

Literary Quotes

  • Incorporate meaningful literary quotes into your wedding signage, such as welcome signs, table menus, or seating charts. Choose passages that resonate with you as a couple or reflect the theme of love and marriage.

Remember, when using books as décor, it’s best to use damaged or unwanted books or replicas to avoid damaging valuable or sentimental ones.

Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Wedding Centerpieces?

Making your wedding centerpieces can often be more cost-effective than purchasing pre-made centerpieces. Here are a few reasons why making your own centerpieces can be cheaper:


  • When you make your own centerpieces, you have control over the materials you use. You can choose affordable options and find budget-friendly alternatives that create a beautiful look.

DIY Savings

  • Taking a do-it-yourself approach eliminates the labor costs associated with professional arrangements. You won’t have to pay for the time and expertise of a florist or decorator, which can significantly reduce your expenses.


  • Creating your own centerpieces allows you to be flexible with your budget. You can scale your designs up or down based on your spending capacity and find creative ways to stretch your budget further.


  • DIY centerpieces offer the opportunity to add personal touches and incorporate sentimental items. This can create a unique and meaningful ambiance without the added expense of custom-made pieces.

However, it’s important to note that making your own centerpieces requires time, effort, and some crafting skills. You may also need to consider the cost of materials, tools, and specific supplies required for your chosen centerpiece design. It’s a good idea to carefully plan and budget for DIY centerpieces to ensure a successful and cost-effective outcome.

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