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Top 50 Bridal Shower Game Prizes Guests Will Love

Top 50 Bridal Shower Game Prizes Guests Will Love

Bridal Shower Game Prizes add fun and excitement to the party as guests are motivated to participate in the competitions! The awards do not have to cost you a fortune. So, think of funny, practical, or personalized details to surprise the players.

It’s not the value of the bridal shower game prizes that matters, but the love and thought you put in when choosing them.”

That is why I have curated this list featuring fantastic prizes for bridal shower games that your guests will adore. Many of these game prizes are among the best-selling products from my store, specifically designed to appeal to everyone, from your fun-loving grandmother to your closest BFFs.

They are organized by bridal shower themes to assist you in your search, but feel free to mix and match them to surprise your guests!

Tips to Make the Prizes Extra Motivating: 

  • Make the Prizes Fun: choose something that will bring a smile to the face of the winner. 
  • Offer a Variety of Prizes: choose different rewards to ensure everyone is motivated.
  • Surprise Prize: You can have a grand prize for the overall winner of the party or a special bonus for the person with the highest score in a specific game.

Popular Bridal Shower Game Prizes Ideas For 2024

Do you want your guests to be excited about playing the bridal shower games? Well, consider offering some fun and practical bridal shower game prizes.

Lemon Bridal Shower Theme

The Lemon Bridal Shower Theme is a radiant choice for summer and spring celebrations, infusing gatherings with citrus delight, freshness, and good vibes. Discover game prizes that not only capture the essence of the theme but are also customizable for a personal touch, providing practical and vibrant mementos for your guests.

1. Lemon Kitchen Towel

A lemon-themed kitchen towel placed over a cutting board with a halved lemon.

Brighten your guests’ kitchens with our lemon-themed kitchen towel – the perfect game prize for your bridal shower.

Personalize it for a touch of sweetness and let your players enjoy the practicality of a machine-washable towel designed for a lifetime of use, adding a fresh and stylish twist to their everyday tasks.

2. Fresh Lemon Candle

A lemon-scented candle next to halved lemons.

What better way to motivate your players than with the refreshing aroma of a crisp lemon candle?

This vegan and eco-friendly candle is not only Phthalate-free and cruelty-free but also an environmentally conscious choice, ensuring a clean fragrance that will fill their homes with positivity.

3. Lemonade Drink Mix

Lemonade drink mix displayed over a kitchen with lemon decorations.

Sip into summer vibes with our personalized lemonade game prize, perfect for your lemon bridal shower theme!

With a burst of sunshine in every glass, these treats are both refreshing and fun. Personalize them for that extra sweet touch, making practicality taste oh-so-delicious!

4. “Let’s Make A Mojito” Tote Bag

Chic tote bag featuring a Mojito recipe, given as a bridal shower game prize.

This chic tote bag is more than just a practical bridal shower game prize; it guarantees the winner won’t forget the recipe for the incredible mojitos, one of the most delightful Cuban cocktails. It is crafted from 100% natural materials and combines fashion with functionality.

5. “Squeeze The Day” Lemon Apron

A woman proudly wearing her 'Squeeze the Day' lemon apron prize that she won at a bridal shower game.

This ‘Squeeze The Day’ Lemon Apron is made of top-quality polyester. It is a practical and long-lasting bridal shower game prize idea that every woman will love, whether to cook at home, make a summer BBQ, or engage in creative arts!

Travel Bridal Shower Theme

Elevate your bridal shower with travel-inspired bliss – where every game prize is a passport to practical and gorgeous delight!

1. Adventure Begins Luggage Tag

Stylish luggage tag featuring a travel quote – perfect for destination bridal shower theme game prizes.

Your guests will be excited to join in the bridal shower games for a chance to win this fun Adventure Luggage Tag as the prize!

The sturdy and waterproof design ensures the winner stands out in a crowd, ready to endure the travel demands of any road warrior or adventure seeker.

2. Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

Floating magnetic world map globe.

Transform your bridal shower into a travel-inspired affair with our Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe – an ideal game prize that doubles as a stunning bridal shower decoration.
Crafted with premium quality and high-precision transmission technology, this elegant world map marvel will leave everyone in awe.

3. Destination Weddings Travel Mug

Black and white game prize travel mug adorned with a travel quote

Choosing a travel mug as a game prize for your travel-themed bridal shower or destination wedding is a winning idea.

With its double-walled stainless steel keeping drinks hot, the lucky winner can savor their victory while reading the charming quote, appreciating the warmth in their hands and the sentiment beside them.

4. Fun Travel Eye Mask

Fun black Travel Eye Mask featuring a snack lover's quote.

This Fun Travel Eye Mask – is ideal for airline food enthusiasts! With breathable fabrics, an adjustable strap, and a playful design, this idea will add a touch of fun to players’ travel adventures!

5. Travel Luggage Handle Wrap

Blush pink Travel Luggage Handle Wrap with 'Adventure Awaits' quote

This Luggage Handle Wrap is a stylish must-have for chic travelers. This accessory securely wraps around the luggage handle, preventing mix-ups and ensuring a swift carousel pick-up.

Make it the perfect choice for game prizes at your travel-themed pre-wedding party.

Beach Bridal Shower Theme

Are you planning a beach bridal shower theme? I love summer vibes, too! Dive into a sea of unique bridal shower beach-inspired game prize ideas, and let the celebration unfold in coastal style!

1. “Beach Vibes” Monogram Ping Pong Paddle

A woman holding a ping pong paddle on a beach, celebrating her victory as a prize for winning a bridal shower game.

This ping-pong paddle is a top pick of mine! Consider gifting it as a game prize at your bridal shower, and then spark some friendly competition by encouraging guests to play with it. Crafted with quality laminated hardwood at its core, it’s a game-changer!

2. Ocean Gel Candle 

Beach-themed gel candle featuring oceanic elements in its design.

Experience the artistry of the Ku’u Hawaii Ocean Candle, meticulously crafted and poured by hand. Its stunning design will enhance any space – simply drop a tea light in the ocean holder to bask in the high-quality healing aromas and the enchanting glow of sparkling light therapy.

3. Summer Ocean Tote Bag

Teal-toned tote bag with oceanic graphic elements on sandy shores.

Fashion-forward party guests will surely cherish owning one of these ocean-inspired tote bags!
The vibrant colors of this eco-friendly choice are unique, and you can even customize and switch out the word ‘salty’ for a personal touch.

4. Beach Fashion Flip-Flops

Chic watercolor fashion flip-flops featuring stylish models on the beach.

Who doesn’t love stylish and comfortable flip-flops? These beach-inspired flip flops have it all – a win-win pre-wedding game prize, blending pure fashion with heavyweight, durable material and a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort.

5. Vintage Summer Theme Beach Towel

Vintage beach-themed towel laid on the sandy shores.

This vintage-inspired game prize is destined to earn the winner a notable spot on the sand.

With sublimation printing, its vibrant design is built to last, ensuring a timeless and standout addition to any beach day.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme

Elevate the fun at your “Tea Party” Bridal Shower with vintage-inspired game prizes that blend charm and excitement. From engaging tea-themed games like tea bingo to surprising winners with sophisticated delights, every moment becomes a celebration.

1. Prescription Tea Coffee Mug

Adorable coffee mug adorned with a hot tea prescription design, the perfect tea party game prize

Elevate your tea game with this Prescription Coffee Mug – an absolute must-have for tea enthusiasts! You can personalize most of the words, making it as fun as you desire, and the strong ceramic construction guarantees a durable and delightful sipping experience.

2. Classy Vintage Teacup Succulent

Elegant vintage teacup paired with a charming succulent

I absolutely love the idea of small plants or succulents in vintage teacups – it’s both charming and functional decor for the winners. You can also take it a step further by attempting a DIY project, making it an even more special and personalized gift.

3. Tea Recipe Kitchen Towels

Chic bridal shower game prize tea party kitchen towel adorned with watercolor tea elements.

The “Let’s Make Tea” kitchen towel is guaranteed to add a cheerful touch to any winner’s kitchen!
Customize it to suit the players’ interests and add motivational vibes, making the bridal shower games even more special.

4. Tea Infuser Ball 

Tea infuser ball enhancing a cup of tea

These cute Tea Infuser Balls are absolutely adorable and perfect for a tea party bridal shower – players will love them! These non-toxic and high-quality infuser balls ensure longevity and safe use.

Not only are they charming, but they also hold a generous amount of tea for a delightful brewing experience.

5. Organic Tea Gift Box

Tea Gift Box revealed, showcasing a delightful assortment of items inside

Tea Gift Boxes are a fantastic idea for a luxurious and complete delight for the winners!
This prize offers an array of unique items, including candles, biscotti, chocolates, and various delightful tea options. Many of these items come in multiple flavors, allowing you to select your preferred tastes.

Fall In Love Bridal Shower Theme

Embrace the fall vibes at your bridal shower! Whether you’re planning pumpkin carving or a scavenger hunt, these practical and oh-so-stylish game prizes, inspired by the autumn foliage, will surely be a hit with your guests.

1. “Hello Autumn” Latte Mug

Hello Autumn Latte Mug: a perfect bridal shower game prize in a fall scene.

Indulge in style with this chic Latte Mug! Your guests will adore its unique design, blending vibrant seasonal orange hues of rustic leaves with a sturdy ceramic construction—making it the perfect cozy companion for a fall-in-love bridal shower.

2. The Great Big Pumpkin Cookbook

The Great Big Pumpkin Cookbook cover, showcasing captivating pumpkin recipe photos.

This Pumpkin Cookbook is a treasure trove of snacks, breakfast, dinner, and dessert pumpkin recipes! With delicious options, including paleo-friendly, vegetarian, and gluten- and dairy-free choices, the winner will always have creative ways to enjoy pumpkin delights.

3. Fall In Love Throw Pillow 

Fall-inspired Throw Pillow amid seasonal decor—a delightful choice for bridal shower game prizes

Elevate your pre-wedding icebreaker activities with a fall-inspired Throw Pillow! This fantastic design features rustic leaves and a stylish girl enjoying autumn.
If desired, you can personalize this high-quality, wrinkle-free pillow with your chosen phrase, adding an extra touch of warmth.

4. Gold Maple Leaf Necklace

Gold Maple Leaf Necklace gracefully adorning a woman's neck.

What girl wouldn’t be captivated by this handmade autumn-inspired necklace? Crafted with sustainable materials like recycled gold and silver and presented in a luxurious box, it’s a win-win game prize idea and an extraordinary keepsake for your bridal party guests.

5. Fall Gift Basket 

Fall Gift Basket open, revealing a bounty of cozy treasures inside.

Your guests will adore playing and earning a Fall-themed gift box – a joy-filled experience! Packed with delightful surprises, they’ll love unlocking the treasures within.

Wine Bridal Shower Theme

Elevate the excitement at your “Vino Before Vows” or “winery” bridal shower with enticing game prizes to inspire guests to join the festivities. From a Wine Tasting Contest to Wine Bingo and Wine Pong, these engaging and practical prize ideas add a touch of fun to your bridal party games.

1. Elegant Wine Label “Vino Before Vows”

Vino Before Vows wine label on a beautifully adorned bottle—a delightful prize for Bridal Shower games.

Who doesn’t love a good wine? This is one of the most popular and successful bridal prizes!

With this idea, you can customize the wine bottle of your choice with a unique label, making it 100% your own. Another option is to add a personalized tag while keeping its original wine label.

2. “When in Doubt Screw It” Corkscrew

Corkscrew featuring a winery-themed graphic adorned with elegant wine elements.

Wine enthusiasts are sure to love this high-quality and stylish corkscrew. Another excellent choice! Its unique double-hinged lever with a contoured handle allows you to open wine bottles on demand easily.

3. Amethyst Wine Stopper

Wine stopper adorned with an elegant Amethyst, accompanied by a stylish box that is neatly packed.

The Amethyst Wine Stopper is crafted from 100% natural purple crystal, meticulously hand-polished, and packed in a beautiful box.

With its high-quality materials and the versatility to fit all bottle mouths, it has quickly become a favorite among wine enthusiasts.

4. “Today is Winesday” Fun Tote Bag

Fun and creative tote bag design, perfect for wine bridal shower theme game prizes.

If you’re playing the “What’s in Your Purse” bridal shower game, what better game prize than a Wine Theme tote bag? You can also add custom text for a charming detail.

This tote bag is made of 100% natural material and is versatile, trendy, and durable, ensuring you’ll always look fashionable!

5. “Girls Just Wanna Have Wine” Stone Coaster

Wine-themed stone coaster adorning a table.

Whether you prefer Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Pinot Noir, this creative Stone Coaster is a fun and stylish game prize.

Printed in full color with fade-resistant ink, it makes for a highly motivating choice for your guests to win.

Butterfly Bridal Shower Theme

Discover the magic with these handpicked game prizes for your spring or summer bridal shower—a whimsical blend of romance and charm. These enchanting gifts will delight your guests, bringing your celebration to new heights. Let the butterfly magic unfold!

1. Whimsical Butterfly Gift Box

Elegant bridal game prize box adorned with red, orange, and black butterflies, perfect for a lively garden party.

Dive into the enchantment of this Whimsical Gift Box, bursting with beautiful butterflies! Fill it with your favorite treats, whether it’s custom chocolates or your favorite sweets. This design radiates romantic and positive vibes—perfect to inspire your party guests to join in the festivities and play.

2. Romantic Butterflies Thermal Tumbler

Captivating Thermal Tumbler design showcasing whimsical watercolor flowers and butterflies in a charming garden setting.

Who doesn’t love a Thermal Tumbler that keeps your warm drinks cozy and cool beverages refreshing, all while ensuring your hands stay comfortable?

Personalize this flower and butterfly design with inspirational words that resonate with you and your guests, adding a unique touch to every sip.

3. Butterfly Earrings

Elegant Butterfly Earrings with flowers and a butterfly on a woman.

Butterfly earrings are such a feminine and meaningful idea! Butterflies symbolize change, transformation, and new beginnings—a beautiful message that will inspire your guests.

4. Monarch Butterfly Compact Mirror

Chic compact mirror featuring a monarch butterfly design in elegant orange and black tones.

The Monarch Butterfly Compact Mirror is a luxurious game gift that players will love to earn. This exquisite accessory, perfectly sized for a purse, adds a touch of elegance to your on-the-go beauty routine, making every win a stylish delight.

5. Butterfly Garden Seed Kit

Complete Butterfly Garden Seed Kit featuring everything you need for a vibrant butterfly-attracting garden.

This bridal shower game prize is pure magic! Delight in the enchantment of this Butterfly Garden Seed Kit, complete with everything needed to sow a garden that beckons butterflies. The super cute packaging adds an extra touch of charm to this truly whimsical and memorable gift.

Coffee Bridal Shower Theme

Sip and celebrate with these trendy-to-timeless coffee-themed game prizes, blending laughs, love, and caffeine cravings. From chic to vintage, these delightful giveaways promise a mix of humor and coffee lover’s delight at your bridal shower bash!

1. Fun Customizable Coffee Mug

A whimsical coffee mug filled with hot coffee, a delightful Bridal Shower Game Prize to add fun and warmth to the celebration.

Whether you’re organizing a Coffee-Theme Bingo or a He Said, She Said game, this playful coffee mug is the perfect prize to add a dash of fun to the competitions. Customize the wording to suit your preferences, and let the laughter brew at your event!

2. Coffee Theme Apron

A woman chef wearing a coffee-themed apron, enjoying a cup of coffee.

Spice up your coffee-themed bridal shower games with this chic coffee theme apron – a stylish prize featuring watercolor coffee motifs in rich browns. It’s the perfect blend of fashion and function for your guests to enjoy!

3. Coffee Drink Mix

Coffee Drink Mix design with coffee cup and sweets in a bridal shower party.

Brew up excitement at your coffee-themed bridal shower with our Coffee Drink Mix – a medium roast blend of South American and Vietnam beans featuring a fun design and customizable wording. It’s the ultimate coffee lover’s game prize!

4. Coffee Shop Gift Cards

A girl's hand holding a Starbucks gift card, ready for a delightful coffee experience.

A Coffee Shop Gift Card is a popular idea that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s a local gem or a well-known favorite like Starbucks, treat your loved ones to the pleasure of sipping their favorite brew at their favorite spot.

5. Coffee Gift Baskets

Coffee Gift Basket showcasing a delightful assortment of coffee varieties and accompanying treats.

Delight your guests with a Coffee Gift Basket, offering the pleasure of exploring various coffee tastes from light to dark roast. It’s a flavorful experience that will leave them savoring every sip.

Inexpensive Bridal Prizes Under $10

These game prizes are perfect whether you’re organizing numerous bridal shower games and activities or simply aiming for a budget-friendly celebration. I’ve thoughtfully chosen these fun, unique, and practical ideas that are sure to be a hit with everyone

1. Fun Quote Shot glass

A fun illustrated shot glass with a witty alcohol quote, adding humor to your spirits.

This shot glass is absolutely hilarious! The captivating illustration and witty quote will inspire everyone to play the bridal games and hit the dance floor.

Also, be sure to explore this collection of funny animal quote shot glasses!

2. B.e.e.r. Insulated Bottle Cooler

 A B.e.e.r. quote cooler for a cool and refreshing beverage experience.

Hosting a summer bash? The B.e.e.r insulated cooler is a must! With high-density insulation, it keeps drinks ice-cold and hands comfy. Elevate your party game with chill vibes!

3. Elegant Sparkling Wine Label

Chic pink-toned sparkling wine label – a stylish game prize for a bridal shower.

If you’re throwing a pink floral bridal shower, these Sparkling Wine Labels make for a fantastic game prize.

Just grab the mini sparkling wine bottles you like, and easily add these labels for a touch of charm to your celebration!

4. Playful Cat Playing Cards

Playful cards featuring a fun and sassy cat with the message, 'Don't touch my cards'.

These Playful Cat Playing Cards are a personal favorite of mine. They add a playful touch to your gathering, and you can encourage guests to play with them. Plus, there’s the option to add custom words for a unique and memorable keepsake!

5. Vintage Whiskey Paper Coaster

Vintage charm meets fun in this Whiskey Paper Coaster

Choosing the Vintage Black Whiskey Paper Coaster as a bridal shower game prize is a classy move. Its timeless design brings a touch of sophistication, making it a chic and practical keepsake for your guests!

Game Prizes For A Coed Wedding Shower (Couples Shower)

A Coed Wedding Shower is a bridal shower party with the engaged couple (both partners with their families are in the party). This is a relatively new trend, sometimes called a Jack and Jill Party.

These bridal shower game prize ideas are geared towards a male audience or have a gender-neutral appeal, aiming to encourage participation in the coed party games.

1. Funny Quote Flask

Black and white Vinyl Wrapped Flask with a hilarious quote – the perfect men's game prize for a touch of humor.

A Fun Flask is a fantastic choice for coed wedding shower game prizes, adding a lot of fun to the celebration. Plus, its high-quality vinyl printing is water and fade-resistant, ensuring it stays lively and cheerful for a long time.

2. Neck Tie As Game Prizes

A stylish man donning a unique necktie, proudly won as a bridal game prize

From a unique caipirinha cocktail motif to an elegant purple-tone clothes peg pattern and a science theme, these neckties are both stylish and awesome game prizes to inspire and delight the male attendees at your coed party.

3. “When in Doubt, Screw It” Corkscrew

An elegant black corkscrew featuring the witty quote, 'When in Doubt, Screw It'.

Sip, Smile, and Celebrate at Your Coed Wedding! ‘When in Doubt, Screw It’ is an elegant corkscrew, a fun and stylish game prize that any guy will love, bringing joy and laughter to your special day!

4. Hilarious Superhero Game Prizes

Playing cards with a superhero saying: 'Stop looking at my card.

Motivate your guests to join in the bridal shower games with this fun and best-selling customizable Superhero Playing Cards or a superhero can cooler.

These entertaining prizes are sure to add a touch of excitement and encourage everyone to be part of the celebration!

5. Golf Theme Game Prizes

Golf ball featuring a playful quote, ideal as a bridal game prize.

Score a hole-in-one with Golf Theme Game Prizes — the perfect chic, sexy, and powerful gifts for men who love sports!

From golf neckties to golf balls, towels, and headcovers, this collection is sure to motivate those sporty players and elevate the excitement of your event.


How Many Prizes Do You Get For A Bridal Shower Game?

The number of bridal shower game prizes depends on the number and type of games you have planned. Some games will only have one winner, while others will likely have several. You can also consider if you have second and third-place smaller prizes to thank them for participating.

Are You Supposed To Have Prizes At A Bridal Shower?

Bridal shower game prizes motivate guests to participate and have fun, but it is not mandatory. The decision to include them is entirely up to you, your budget, and the overall theme or atmosphere you want to create for the event.

You can focus more on the celebration, conversations, and activities without incorporating prizes or enjoy the added element of competition and reward.

How Much Should You Spend On Bridal Shower Prizes?

It depends on how large the party is, the overall budget, and how much time you have to plan and purchase them. Typically, the prize budget should be around $100 and anywhere from $5- $15 on any given prize.

Tips For Keeping The Prizes Within The Budget
  • Get creative with the prizes: Consider offering homemade baked goods.
  • Shop sales and discounts: Look for deals and discounts on the prizes you want to offer. You can also check if buying in bulk offers discounts. 
  • Get creative with presentation: If the prizes are small or inexpensive, you can wrap them creatively or add a cute label or tag to make them even more special.

What’s The Difference Between Bridal Shower Game Prizes And Favors?

Bridal Shower Game Prizes and Bridal Shower Favors are two gifts for guests at a bridal shower. The principal difference is that favors are small gifts to each guest as a thank-you for attending the party, while prizes are awards for guests who win the party games. Usually, game prizes are more substantial than favors, considering the guests won a game.

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