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What To Wear To A Casual Wedding? Ultimate Guest Attire Guide

What To Wear To A Casual Wedding? Ultimate Guest Attire Guide

Casual wedding attire is the most relaxed dress code and, therefore, sometimes the most mystifying! The KEY to being well-dressed is to balance being comfortable and stylish without being too informal or dressy.

I personally love the intimate atmosphere of casual weddings! With fewer guests attending, you can have fun and enjoy the celebrations with the couple. The food is also relaxed, with delicious buffets, food trucks, or my favorite, “family-style meals.”

Casual weddings are often reserved for the day and held outdoors, such as on a beach, in a backyard, in a rustic barn, or in a city setting. That is why I have created a detailed guide on what to wear to a casual wedding, based on the most popular themes and seasonal styles, to help you find your perfect look.

Beach Casual Wedding Attire

Beach wedding scene with the ocean backdrop.

If you are attending a beach casual wedding, let me tell you, they are amazing! The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing and peaceful, surrounded by the calming sounds of waves and the warmth of the sun.

When thinking about what to wear to this casual wedding, have fun with your attire, embrace the beachy feel, and make sure you’re comfy in the sun and sand. Imagine dressing as you would for a lovely dinner on a beach vacation, and you’ll be all set. Check out the casual attire guest guide for more inspiration!

Woman Beach Casual Wedding Outfit Ideas

  • Daytime Wedding Attire:
    • A flowy, knee-length sundress in a light and breathable fabric like cotton or chiffon.
    • Opt for tropical prints, pastel colors, or even nautical stripes to complement the beach setting.
    • Comfortable sandals or espadrilles to navigate the sandy terrain.
    • Sun hats and stylish sunglasses for both fashion and sun protection.
    • Minimal jewelry to keep the look effortless.
  • Evening Wedding Attire
    • A maxi dress in a vibrant color or a chic tropical pattern for an elegant evening look.
    • Strappy sandals or wedges add a touch of glamour without sinking into the sand.
    • Long, statement earrings and a clutch for a sophisticated finish.
Young woman in blue casual beach wedding attire.
Young women dancing in casual beach wedding attire at sunset on the beach.
Women seated, one wearing a floral dress and a hat.

Men Beach Casual Wedding Attire Ideas

  • Daytime Wedding Attire:
    • Light-colored linen or cotton button-down shirt paired with tailored shorts or chinos.
    • Loafers or boat shoes for a casual yet polished look.
    • A Panama hat or a stylish cap for sun protection.
    • Consider a lightweight blazer for a touch of sophistication if the event calls for it.
    • Minimalistic accessories like a leather bracelet or a watch.
  • Evening Wedding Attire
    • Lightweight linen or cotton trousers paired with a short-sleeved button-down shirt.
    • Boat shoes or dressy sandals to maintain the beachy feel.
    • A stylish watch or a leather bracelet for subtle accessories.
    • A tailored blazer for cooler evening temperatures.
Men on the beach in casual beach wedding attire.
Men wearing white shorts and vertical blue stripes shirts.
Men walking in beige shorts paired with blue blazers.

Consider the season for your beach casual wedding clothing:

  • Spring/Summer:
    • Embrace light fabrics and colors. Pastels, floral patterns, and breezy materials work well.
  • Fall:
    • Opt for richer tones and consider layering with light jackets or shawls for cooler evenings.
  • Winter:
    • Choose slightly warmer fabrics like velvet or heavier cotton. Don’t forget a stylish wrap for warmth.

Rustic Chic – Barn Celebration Casual Wedding Attire

Couple joyfully dancing in a rustic country wedding setting.

If you’re heading to a country-chic wedding, it’s your moment to shine in style with rustic vibes! Embrace the country charm with outfits that match the natural surroundings – think earthy tones, comfy silhouettes, and fabrics that resonate with the rural environment.

Finding the right balance between country-inspired elements and a touch of elegance for a daytime affair or an evening event will ensure you are perfectly attired for the celebration.

Woman Rustic Barn Casual Wedding Outfit Ideas

  • Daytime Wedding Attire:
    • A knee-length sundress with floral or gingham prints reflecting the rustic ambiance.
    • Ankle boots or cowgirl boots for a country-chic touch.
    • A wide-brimmed hat for a stylish and practical accessory.
    • Layer with a denim or lightweight jacket for a casual daytime look.
    • Minimal jewelry, perhaps a delicate necklace or hoop earrings.
  • Evening Wedding Attire
    • A maxi dress in a muted tone or earthy color, embracing the rustic chic theme.
    • Ankle or knee-high boots to elevate the look for an evening celebration.
    • A faux fur or knit shawl for warmth and style.
    • Opt for statement earrings or a bold bracelet for a touch of elegance.
Women dressed in casual midi blue floral dresses at a country setting.
Woman adorned in boho-inspired country casual wedding attire.
Woman adorned in a country-inspired casual outfit, surrounded by the woods.

Men Rustic Barn Casual Wedding Attire Ideas

  • Daytime Wedding Attire:
    • A chambray or plaid button-down shirt paired with tailored chinos or khaki pants.
    • Leather boots or loafers for a rugged yet refined appearance.
    • A woven belt to add a touch of rustic charm.
    • Consider a lightweight vest for a layering option during cooler daytime temperatures.
    • A wristwatch or leather bracelet for subtle accessories.
  • Evening Wedding Attire
    • Darker-toned jeans paired with a crisp, button-down shirt or a lightweight sweater.
    • Chelsea boots or polished loafers for a refined look.
    • Layer with a tailored blazer or a tweed jacket for added sophistication.
    • Consider a patterned tie or pocket square for a subtle pop of style.
Men in rustic country wedding attire, surrounded by a charming countryside setting.
Men in country wedding attire, surrounded by a natural setting.
Men dressed casually in a charming country setting.

Consider the season for your rustic barn casual wedding clothing:

  • Spring/Summer:
    • Lighter fabrics like cotton and linen in soft, muted colors.
  • Fall:
    • Embrace richer tones like deep reds, browns, and mustard, and layer with cozy textures like knitwear.
  • Winter:
    • Opt for heavier fabrics such as wool or velvet. Add warmth with thicker shawls or scarves.

Modern City Casual Wedding Attire

Newlyweds captured in the charm of a vintage city wedding.

Are you wondering what to wear for a city casual wedding? The city vibes call for outfits that mix elegance with a bit of casual cool.

Whether you’re attending a daytime celebration or an evening affair, it’s all about capturing the contemporary essence of the city.

Don’t forget the footwear – urban exploration might be on the agenda. Embrace chic and comfortable styles, ensuring you look and feel great throughout the wedding festivities.

Woman City Casual Wedding Outfit Ideas

  • Daytime Wedding Attire:
    • A tailored jumpsuit in a solid color or chic pattern for a modern and effortless look.
    • Block-heeled ankle boots or stylish flats for comfort while exploring the city surroundings.
    • Minimalist accessories such as geometric earrings or a sleek clutch.
    • A structured blazer or trench coat for a polished daytime appearance.
  • Evening Wedding Attire
    • A chic midi or maxi dress in a bold color or modern print for an evening celebration.
    • Strappy heels or stylish ankle boots to elevate the look.
    • Statement earrings or a sleek clutch to add a touch of glamour.
    • Consider a faux fur stole or a tailored blazer for cooler evening temperatures.
Woman stylishly dressed in a green jumpsuit.
Woman elegantly adorned in a pink jumpsuit.
Woman elegantly adorned in an orange jumpsuit.

Men’s City Casual Wedding Attire Ideas

  • Daytime Wedding Attire:
    • Crisp chinos paired with a well-fitted short-sleeved shirt for a smart-casual feel.
    • Loafers for a modern and comfortable look.
    • A leather belt and a wristwatch for subtle, refined accessories.
    • Layer with a lightweight bomber jacket or a stylish cardigan.
  • Evening Wedding Attire
    • Tailored dark jeans paired with a button-down shirt or a sleek knit sweater.
    • Polished dress shoes or modern loafers for a refined finish.
    • A minimalist tie or pocket square for a subtle pop of sophistication.
    • Layer with a well-fitted blazer or a tailored overcoat for an evening urban chic look.
Men looking dapper in blue shirt casual wedding attire.
Men sporting a modern city look with sunglasses and jackets in casual wedding attire.
Confident man in a sexy beige and pink jacket, showcasing casual wedding attire.

Consider the season for your city’s casual wedding clothing:

  • Spring/Summer:
    • Lighter fabrics like cotton and linen in vibrant colors or modern prints.
  • Fall:
    • Transition to deeper tones and incorporate stylish layers like leather jackets or trench coats.
  • Winter:
    • Opt for rich textures like velvet or wool, and add warmth with fashionable scarves or gloves.

Garden Casual Wedding Attire

Couple exchanging vows in a romantic garden wedding setting.

Garden weddings are all about embracing nature’s beauty. If you’re wondering what to wear to a casual wedding in a garden, choose outfits with flowery touches, light fabrics, and comfort in mind.

Ensure your attire harmonizes with the garden ambiance– striking a balance between comfort and style for a delightful wedding celebration!

Woman Garden Casual Wedding Outfit Ideas

  • Daytime Wedding Attire:
    • A knee-length floral sundress in soft, pastel hues for a romantic daytime look.
    • Strappy sandals or ballet flats for ease of movement on garden paths.
    • Delicate accessories like floral headbands, dainty necklaces, or charm bracelets.
    • A wide-brimmed hat for both sun protection and a touch of elegance.
  • Evening Wedding Attire
    • A flowy maxi dress in rich jewel tones or elegant neutrals for an evening garden celebration.
    • Wedge heels or heeled sandals for a touch of sophistication on uneven garden terrain.
    • Statement earrings or a clutch with floral embellishments to enhance the garden theme.
    • Layer with a lightweight shawl or a chic cardigan for cooler evening temperatures.
Woman adorned in a beautiful casual wedding attire.
Woman in a pink dress and hat, complemented by a natural material purse – perfect casual wedding attire.
Blonde woman gracefully wearing a pink and red floral dress in a garden setting.

Men’s Garden Casual Wedding Attire Ideas

  • Daytime Wedding Attire:
    • Light-colored chinos paired with a crisp short-sleeved shirt in a complementary shade.
    • Casual loafers or stylish boat shoes for a relaxed yet polished appearance.
    • A woven belt and a wristwatch are understated accessories.
    • A lightweight linen blazer or a casual cotton jacket for added flair.
  • Evening Wedding Attire
    • Tailored trousers paired with a long-sleeved, button-down shirt in a refined pattern.
    • Polished dress shoes or stylish loafers for an evening garden party.
    • Subtle accessories like a silk pocket square or a leather bracelet.
    • A lightweight blazer or a knit pullover for a polished evening look.
Good-looking man in casual blue T-shirt, enjoying the outdoors.
Men dressed in dark pants and white T-shirts.
Men looking sharp in blue shirts and beige pants, showcasing casual wedding attire.

Consider the season for your garden casual wedding clothing:

  • Spring/Summer:
    • Embrace light and breathable fabrics in floral patterns or soft pastels.
  • Fall:
    • Transition to deeper tones and consider layering with light cardigans or shawls.
  • Winter:
    • Choose richer fabrics like velvet or wool, and layer with elegant wraps or scarves.
Casual wedding attire dress code infographic.


What Should I Consider When Choosing My Casual Wedding Outfit?


Is the wedding outdoors, in a relaxed setting, or in a luxury ballroom? The answer can help dictate the level of formality of the attire. However, if the wedding is more formal, you should dress up more.


If the wedding starts and ends before 5 pm, it’s a daytime wedding! You can play with happier colors and more casual garments. Fabrics like floral prints and soft chiffons are ideal. If the wedding is in the evening, choose darker colors and more formal attire like longer dresses for women and navy suits for men.


It’s always best to follow the couple’s requested dress code. When in doubt, it’s always better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed for a wedding, but be careful not to overdo it and take away the prominence of the bride’s outfit.


Make sure your outfit is comfortable and appropriate for the weather. What you might wear to a beach wedding differs entirely from what you’d wear to a backyard celebration in the fall. Opt for something lightweight and breathable when the weather is outdoors and hot.

What Not to Wear to a Casual Dress Code Wedding?

Attending a wedding comes with certain fashion etiquette, and knowing what to avoid wearing is just as important as knowing what to wear. Here are some essential guidelines to remember to ensure you steer clear of any fashion faux pas and show respect for the couple’s special day.

  • Ripped jeans, baseball hats, and anything too short or revealing.
  • Avoid an outfit that is entirely white, off-white, or a color that could be photographed as white. Remember that this color is still reserved for the bride during this special time. Wearing white pants or a white midi skirt with a colorful top is fine.
  • Keep away from a very simple head-to-toe black outfit because, usually, this is the uniform of the catering staff, photographers, and vendors, and you could be mistaken as one of them.
  • If possible, avoid the wedding party colors and styles; being confused as one of the squad could be awkward.
  • Avoid tennis shoes and flip-flops unless the invitation specifically says otherwise.

Wedding Dress Code Guidelines

When it comes to wedding dress code guidelines, the couple typically includes this information on the invitation to help guests understand the appropriate attire for the event.

If the dress code is not explicitly mentioned on the invitation, you can consider the venue and time of the event for cues. For daytime weddings, lighter and more casual attire is appropriate, while evening events are more formal.

  1. Black tie: This is the most formal dress code.
    • A tuxedo, black bow tie, and dress shoes are required for men.
    • For women, a floor-length gown is appropriate, and dressy pumps, strappy heels, or elegant flats in a neutral or metallic color.
  2. Formal or Black tie optional: This dress code is less formal than black tie but still calls for elegant attire.
    • For men, a tuxedo or dark suit with a tie is recommended.
    • A floor-length gown, formal cocktail dress, or dressy separates are appropriate for women.
  3. Semi-formal or Cocktail attire: This dress code is less formal but still dressy.
    • For men, a dark suit and tie are appropriate.
    • For women, a knee-length dress or dressy separates are right, and dressy sandals, pumps, or wedges in a classic color like black or nude.
  4. Dressy Casual Wedding Attire: This dress code is more relaxed but still calls for formal attire.
    • A dress shirt with pants or khakis is appropriate for men.
    • For women, a sundress or dressy separates are suited, and formal pumps, strappy sandals, or embellished flats in bold colors or patterns.
  5. Smart Casual Attire: This dress code is more polished and put-together than casual dress, without being overly formal or stuffy.
    • For men, a sports coat or blazer paired with dress pants or chinos and a dress shirt. A tie may be optional depending on the formality of the occasion, and dress shoes are also appropriate.
    • For women, a cocktail dress that falls just above or below the knee, a dressy jumpsuit paired with statement jewelry and heels, or a skirt or dress pants paired with a blouse and blazer or cardigan. Add dressy flats or low heels for a more comfortable option.
  6. Casual Dress Code: This is the most relaxed dress code.
    • For men, dress pants or khakis with a button-down shirt or polo shirt are appropriate.
    • A sundress, skirt, or dressy pants with a blouse are suitable for women. Add simple flats, sandals, or sneakers in a light color or fun pattern.

Can I Be Overdressed For A Wedding? 

Yes, it is possible to be overdressed for a wedding, especially if the dress code is indicated as “casual” or “beach casual.” Pay attention to the dress code specified on the wedding invitation and dress accordingly.

In general, it’s better to err on caution and dress slightly more conservatively than risk being too flashy or overdressed for the occasion. Feel free to contact the bride or groom for guidance if you need clarification on the dress code or what to wear.

Can I Wear Jeans To A Casual Wedding?

Wear jeans might be acceptable if it is casual wedding attire. But avoid ripped or overly distressed jeans, which look too simple for a wedding. Opt for a well-fitting and good-condition pair of jeans and dress up your outfit with nicer shoes, a dressier top, and accessories like a belt or jewelry to make your look more polished.

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to avoid caution and choose a dressier option. It will ensure that you look appropriate and respectful for the occasion.

Can I Wear Sandals To A Casual Wedding?

Yes, you can wear sandals at a casual wedding if they are dressy and in good condition. Avoid flip-flops and beach-style sandals and opt for more sophisticated styles such as strappy sandals or wedges. Be sure to pair them with a dress or pants appropriate for the dress code.

If the wedding dress code is not specified or if it’s a slightly more formal casual dress code, it’s best to avoid wearing sandals altogether.

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